Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is Web Page Scraping the Most Ideal Method to Learn About Your Competitors?

The importance of competitor price monitoring can never be emphasized enough. Researching on the pricing structure your competition is using online is very critical to the success of your business. But how do you go about it? There are a number of ways to get these figures. Unfortunately, most of the traditional methods are time consuming and inefficient. Let’s look at why web page scraping is the most productive, efficient and reliable method to find out more about your competitor’s prices.

How much time would you require to check your competitor’s websites manually one after the other? Web scraping utilizes a different approach. Websites nowadays have a plethora of information and this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to analyze thousands of products on a single site. Furthermore, the prices change continuously and it can be difficult to keep track if you are doing this manually.

If you are checking your competitor’s pricing manually, the information you obtain can be easily lost or
Custom Web Scraping
misplaced. This method may be inexpensive but the time and effort you will spend getting this data is not worth it. The other main challenge with checking your competitor’s prices online manually is that, you may not get information on all the sellers. Even if you do, the data will be very limited so it will not be of great help to your company.

Custom web scraping provides a much better solution to learning about your competition and their prices online. To begin with, the method is not time consuming. At just a touch of a button, you can obtain accurate and reliable data regarding your competition. An online pricing intelligence tool is used to scan thousands of pages across the web and give you data you can rely on to drive your bottom-line.

In addition to that, data scraping that is done using these pricing intelligence tools can offer you very detailed information. The information can be presented in different formats depending on what you prefer best. Whether you want graphs, charts or tabled data that analyses your competitor’s prices, these tools can deliver.

Custom web scraping solutions are designed to suit your specific needs. It’s never a one size but suits all kind of approach. The results that you want to obtain from your competition will determine the kind of pricing intelligence tool that will be used in the process. These computer programs will scan different websites instantly to give you real time data which applies to the current economic situation. You would not have to rely on data that is already outdated.

Before you even invest in web scraping, know the kind of information you need in order to beat your competitors. You need to figure out the kind of data you will need to analyze from your competition in order to restructure your prices. Remember that your competition is also doing the same - monitoring your price rates. You need to do it as well and take the best approach to beat the rest.

Monday, April 14, 2014

4 Rewards of Web Scraping Solutions Your Business Could Use

If you ever question the need for competitor price tracking, take a look at the number of businesses trying to sell their products online now. The e-commerce market is super competitive and a smart business person should use the right product price to make a kill. Web scraping applications have been used to monitor competitor prices for those who want to survive in this tough eCommerce market.

Below are the 4 main reasons why it is essential to track competitor prices in this current e-commerce market.

Increase Sales

Competitor price monitoring can help your business to sell more by adjusting the prices of your products
Competitor Price Monitoring
. As soon as you discover the best prices, you can increase or lower your current rate and then monitor the sales for a period of time. You may witness a steady increase in sales when you increase the prices or lower your prices. You need to identify the point where your sales peaked and stick to that price.

Enhance Profit Margins

With web scraping, you can identify out of stock products which are on the competitor’s site and increase the prices of these items competitively especially if they are on demand. You get an opportunity to attract a new clientele and still increase your profit margins. Even though you don’t have the same exact product, you can offer clients a similar item at a competitive price. Bear in mind that data scraping is meant to help you identify what your competitor is doing to be better than you. That’s why you mostly need to target the best in the business.

Adjust Your Product Catalog

Custom web scraping can give you critical details about what your competitors have in stock. If you have a large store, you cannot check all your competitor’s products manually as the site has many pages. Web scrapping provides a quick and effective solution to review your competitor’s product catalog and optimize your own inventory in order to attract a greater customer base. You will get valuable information regarding the stock items available as well as the price point in which they are offered.

Attract The Right Geographical Audience

A store can have different pricing structures across geographies and competitor price attracting allows you to gain insight on the right pricing for each location. You can charge more based on where the store is located because certain neighborhoods attract a wealthier clientele. Before coming up with pricing structure, you can benefit from web scraping the data to monitor the prices.

Look for a company that can offer you a reliable data mining solution within a short time frame. If you think you need to adjust your product price, data scraping is very important.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Is Data Scraping Useful for You?

Web Scraping
As a business, it is important to always have relevant and useful information on hand for when you might need it. It can however be difficult to acquire all this information and especially to sort it out so that you only store the important information. This is why there exists data scraping services to make this process easier for you.

Data scraping works in three processes so as to be effective. The first step will be pre-processing where a large amount of the required data is collected. The second step is the mining process whereby the data is cleaned up. Errors are corrected and the information is sorted into relevant sections at this stage. The final step is referred to as validation whereby the information is authenticated to make sure that it is indeed information your business can use successfully.

There are many reasons you should go for web scraping services. For a start, it helps you to make fast and viable decisions. This is because you have all the relevant information at your finger tips. There is little time wasted in searching for the information since this will have been classified for you to refer to. It will also be possible for you to explore various options from the information you have before settling on the best course of action.

Because the information is packaged in formats that are easy to understand, you can make strategies that are precise and easy to implement. The decision making bodies will analyze the information from various perspectives and therefore get an idea of the strategies that would be successful for your business. Web scraping services will therefore have helped you make plans on how to grow and expand your business.

Web scraping also helps you to gain a competitive edge over your business rivals. You have access to information that can help you launch strategies that will make you successful in your field. It is also important to get information about your competitors so that you know what they are doing. You can compare the strategies of both your business and those of your rivals. This way you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of both parties and then take the appropriate steps. One of the ways you can get hold of information from your rivals is through competitor price monitoring. This way you know how your rivals are pricing their products and whether there are steps you can take in order to get ahead.

While this information is very important for your business, the best way to acquire it is through outsourcing. There are various web scraping firms that can offer these services for you at affordable rates. Since no business needs are the same, you should choose the firm that can offer custom web scraping so that techniques are tailored specifically for your business.